The assignment was to come up with a spot that made Bob's shoes that look like converse chuck's seem like skate shoes. Bob's Skate needed to capture a youthful edge and stay true to the youthful cultural roots of the companies manhattan beach origins, so I came up with several concepts that emulated that spirit aesthetically. 

"Splatter Paint"

The first was called "Splatter Paint". It was was intended to use the hemp texture from the branding and give it splashes of color to highlight and provide visual heirarchy  while making it feel edgy and almost tie dye "hippy".


The second concept was called "Stickers". The idea was based around the person wearing the shoes being a kid in manhattan beach who puts stickers on everything. So all the art was to represent different styles of stickers that might go on a guitar, or the underside of a skateboard, or on the bumper of a VW van. Each scene transitions to different worlds that look and feel like the type of sticker that the shoes keep falling into. Each transition is the shoes falling into a different sticker. 

"Pop Up Book"

The last idea was called "Pop Up Book". Pop up book was meant to be like a kid who goes to school in manhattan beach started day dreaming about where he would rather be. We follow a set of hero shoes as they jump into a pop up book world made of paper textures. Each scene was meant to represent one aspect of the invisible character's day during the summer such as: riding in the city, riding on the strand by the beach, and going to a concert or music festival. It was taking the lifestyle of the Manhattan beach kid and literally putting it on paper. 

Below were "Alt" frames in which the pop up book concept remained on an actual book instead of travelling into a paper world. 

The Final Spot

The concept chosen was "Pop Up Book".

I executed it back actually going to Manhattan beach and shooting textures and reference plates of all the buildings and props. I then took those images and used them to create paper origami-style models. All the textures in the spot are actual textures of the Pier, or Buildings on the strand, or the actual sidewalk of Manhattan Beach. It took 1 week to finish the first draft and 1 week of revisions. 


Lighting, and shaders were done with Vray for C4D


Also keep in mind the deadline was super tight and the whole animation including shooting all the photos for texturing was done by me in one week. 

Watch the final result for yourself