I was hired at Pluto TV and was tasked with helping to design and develop the overall brand look as well as "templatize" the system for future applications. The art director gave me 2d storyboards designed in photoshop and I re-built them for animation which included 2d design and animation as well as 3D model creation and c4d lighting templates and shaders to create the overall look. 

Here are some examples of the board frames I was given.


And here are the final composites. Note that the sample storyboards were made from 2d photoshoped images and my finals were made from 3D models that were designed, shaded, and lit to match the look of the style frames.


Here is a sample with animation and type layout

I also created looks for the various branded shows. Below is a mood board taken from the internet. It was just a jpg file the art director liked.


This is a still of the final composite. (earlier versions matched the reference exactly, but it was later changed to fit the edit better per direction)